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As a Culinary Registered Dietitian, I cut through the overwhelming bombardment of information and make evidence-based nutrition easy and a scrumptious. My work with individuals, groups and mass media, translates the science into personalized, memorable and easy-to-do steps that can be part of every day. From Midwestern roots, I am on an endless quest for healthy, flavorful, good food.

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I’m available for high-profile in-person or virtual events, webinars and interviews.  I also enjoy smaller groups in her local area.

I specialize in meal planning and prep, understanding labels, cooking on a budget, plant-based eating, mindfulness and sustainability.  First time cooks, cooking for one (or two), living solo, families and older adults gain action-steps and strategies that simplify what foods to eat for optimal health and energy, streamlines the steps of breakfasts, lunches snack and dinner from purchase to plate, and expands the joy of nourishing our bodies with flavorful healthy food.  Past presentations have focused the prevention and management of chronic conditions such as inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and making sense of biometric numbers.

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