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Whether you are a seasoned, recreational or want-to-be cook, you’ll find a plate full of healthy inspiration in my blog.  Linking to videos, podcasts, recipes and cooking classes, you’ll always find engaging, hands on ways to join the fun.  Always evidence based, you can trust what you find here to help you make the best decisions for your and your family’s health and wellbeing. And, because I’m writing the book, don’t be surprised by an optional splash of craft beer here and there.

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Get Pro with Prebiotic Pears

A month of celebratory food and drink can play havoc with gut health.  During the holidays we tend to eat fewer fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and more refined grains, sugar and alcohol. Eating less fiber can affect our bowel regularity—neither desirable nor good...

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Christmas Tamales: A Tradition for Everyone

This time of year, eating tamales can be everyone’s tradition, if you are lucky enough to get some or have the time to make them.  The year my family made Christmas tamales was the year I unwrapped a tradition diverse in flavor and Latino culture. Tamale Fest Made...

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10 Nutrition Mind Set Resets

Could some nutrition practices be doing your health a disservice? Sometimes, it's all in your head. Literally. Inevitably, when I talk with people, we may be in the middle of talking about pineapple upside down cake, and there it is!  They tell me about what they eat,...

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“Hey, Doug…” Will He Like Zucchini Brownies?

I’m going to try it…Luanne’s going to try it…”  Hey, let’s get Doug to try it…he’s not big on vegetables, but it’s chocolaty, and he like brownies…” This was the conversation today in the WCHE1520AM Morning Magazine studio. If you like brownies and would like a better...

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A Case for Growing Your Own

Usually my grocery bill is pretty predictable. But is seems over the last month I’ve been spending more money on food. The cost of food got me wondering if home gardening might actually make my food dollar stretch further.

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Tangy Jicama Rhubarb Slaw

It used to be that the slaw was JUST the side salad.  The variation between mayonnaise or vinegar-based dressings, just wasn’t enough to enliven predictable combination of sliced cabbage. Bye-bye Old School Slaw With today’s innovative use of alternative ingredients,...

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Baked Apples for Your Sweet Heart

I love making baked apples because they are deliciously easy, and I always have the ingredients.  And this Valentine’s Day, when you want to spend time where your heart takes you, baked apples hit home better than Cupid’s bow or a box of chocolates. You can use a...

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