Crispy Tofu

Love crispy?

It’s hard to believe that something so squishy like water-soaked tofu could turn out savory and crispy.

While putting together today’s radio show podcast kicking off National Nutrition Month, my stomach growled and demanded something tasty and super easy so I could keep working.

And there it was the leftover tofu swimming in water where I had it stored it in the refrigerator from the night before. After opening the packaging, tofu can be kept in fresh water for several days. Just change the water daily

Why not?

💪10 grams of complete protein per 1/3 cup—feeling full longer helps me get through busy afternoons without snacking. 
❤️Plant-based, cholesterol free and a source of omega 3’s—my heart can thank me later!
🦴Calcium for my bone health. 
🩸Iron for making hemoglobin for carrying oxygen to my cells.

Love crispy? You’ll love Crispy Tofu!


Crispy Tofu 
🥄Drain the tofu.
🥄Slice the tofu into ½ inch slabs.
🥄Place the sliced tofu in a single layer onto half of a clean dishtowel that has been folded to create several layers.

🥄Fold the other half of the dish towel over the tofu and press out the excess water.
🥄Cut the tofu in to cubes.
🥄In a bowl, toss the tofu with a little olive oil to coat. (I tossed in several spears of broccoli.)
🥄On a plate put enough nutritional yeast to coat each tofu cube. Roll each cube in the nutritional yeast and place onto a non-stick sheet pan. (I put the broccoli on the same tray.)
🥄Sprinkle with a pinch of salt.
🥄Bake at 375 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until the tofu is golden and crispy.

Love the soft inside and the savory crispy coating!