10 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Kitchen Must-Haves

Looking for unique gifts for the holidays? Or maybe you just want to add some fun tools to your own kitchen? Here are some ideas of products to look for when browsing those Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales!


1. Fruit and Vegetable Carving Accessory or Cutters

Your creativity doesn’t have to take time and effort with a fruit and vegetable carving accessory or cutters.  Perfect for crunchy canapes, edible bouquets or irresistible bento-style shapes for in the lunch pail.

2. Air Frier

If you still haven’t accessorized your kitchen with an air frier, gift yourself with healthier cooking and pick one up at a special holiday price.

3. Vacuum Sealer

Cooking more can save time and money when you can plan ahead and freeze.  Vacuum sealers keep food fresh and freezer space organized.

4. Mini stackable glass bowls

Mise en place makes cooking a breeze.  Mini stackable glass bowls with lids are the perfect set up for success.  Use for Sunday prep and never forget what’s in the container.  These bowls go from the refrigerator to microwave.

5. Collapsible Cooling Rack

You don’t have to have a small kitchen to run out of cooling space when baking.  And with a collapsible cooling rack, you don’t have to forfeit space when it’s not in use.

6. Milk Frother

You gotta have a milk frother this season for foaming skim milk to top your vanilla coffee—you won’t miss the sugar.  Or blend ground cinnamon, cocoa or powdered greens into liquids.

7. Carbon-Filled Produce Saver

It just takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch, and it starts with a bruise.  Why?  Apples naturally produce ethylene gas which ripens produce.  On bruised apple, produces more of this gas which can affect the bunch as well as other produce in the same drawer.  Keep a carbon-filled produce savor in your fruit and vegetable drawer to absorb this ripening gas and extend the life of your produce.

8. Bread Box

Love fresh bread?  Good ol’ fashioned bread boxes are back for bread and pastries.  Look for one with an optional handle for toting on picnics or delivering something special for the holidays.

9. Avocado Huggie

Avocado huggies? It’s the first I heard of this, but it looks like a great way to keep half an avocado fresh.  I wonder if you still need to coat the cut surface with lemon or lime juice to keep it from turning?

10. Lunch Box

Lunch boxes haven’t been “cool” since your favorite cartoon was embossed on the outside, until now.  Food is kept safe with insulation and cool-packs. And airtight compartments keep foods separate and fresh.  There are still plenty of nifty designs that can include purse and satchel-style handles for easy transport.