Career Panel Gives Insights into Diverse Areas of Dietetic Practice

You would not believe all the amazing things Registered Dietitians do, and with what integrity, conviction and advocacy for the people they serve.

Wednesday, September 25th in Sykes Theater in the Sykes Student Union Center at West Chester University, student moderators Susan Stalte of Immaculata University and Christina Croce of West Chester University kicked off the second bi-annual Philadelphia Dietetics Association’s Career Panel…and what an exciting discussion it was!

PDA RD PanelStudents from Philadelphia area nutrition and dietetic programs wanted to know what the professional journey has been like for new and veteran Registered Dietitians. It wasn’t just about the successes, but the challenges, too. Attendees asked the hard questions that couldn’t otherwise be asked of six dynamic Registered Dietitians at any one time.

The now bi-annual Career Panel was initiated and developed by Dara Dirhan, MPH, RD, LDN professor at in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at West Chester University. “As Career Guidance Coordinator of the Philadelphia Dietetic Association,” explains Dirhan, “It is my hope that by hosting Registered Dietitian career path panels, dietetics students will be enlightened and empowered to explore the many different options and paths waiting for them in the wonderful world of nutrition and dietetics and that these events will further solidify their plans to become future Registered Dietitians.”

Diana Fiorentino, Vice President of the West Chester University Student Dietetic Association sat front and center after she and other student members helped with success of this event.

The panelists included:

The responses…parents should feel secure that their children are eating healthful lunches in the public schools who’s food service is headed by a Registered Dietitian, patients should feel relieved to know their Registered Dietitian is backing up nutrition recommendations with the most current scientific data and that the Registered Dietitians are formidable players in culinary circles making foods delightful, flavorful and good for you.  While the field of dietetics continues expand on modern frontiers, the Registered Dietitians in education continue to ensure competency in all aspects of nutrition for each new Registered Dietitian.

It is no wonder the public can have confidence in Registered Dietitians as the food and nutrition experts.

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