Pop-Up Farm Dinner Raises Money for Barnard’s Orchard

Nectarines, plums, and peaches…there’s nothing like the first bite of pure nature’s sweetness…and, nothing like the second bite with juices dripping down your hand and nothing like the last bite, thinking that was the best each you EVER had. Until the next one.

But what would you think if you learned that the orchard that producing that luscious peach, would soon be leveled to build at new subdivision or strip mall?IMG_1293

Well, some people thought about losing this Chester County gem and took action to protect the 74 acres of Barnard’s Orchard off Route 842. You may have stopped by their farmer’s market right there on the property and enjoyed some of their 32 varieties of apples, pumpkins, peaches and other produce.

More than the production of fruit, the orchard is part of a 1200-acre corridor of land easement that protects stream banks, provides natural deer control and is the beauty I love about Chester County.  Easements benefit the community only costing 2-12 cents in community services for every one single tax dollar spent, far less than a development.

The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County has undertaken raising the majority of funds to complete the $901,000 project.  A special thanks to the many people  who donated on The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County’s Funds for Farms online donation campaign.

Elizabeth Roche and Vince Moro spearheaded the August 27th Pop-Up Brandywine in White event. Where the event was to be held? No one knew until just beforehand. But what could be more fitting and beautiful than an elegant all in white picnic at Chadds Peak Farm in Chadds Ford, PA.

With over 300 attendees including myself, the evening of great food, conversation and dancing under the stars met the goal and was a success. Now next year, make it a point to stop by Barnard’s Orchard and enjoy a locally grown peach. That’s what it’s about.

If you want to support similar projects, visit The Land Conservancy of Southern Chester County to be come a member, volunteer or make a donation. To learn more enjoy my conversation with Gwen Lacy, the Executive Director of The Land Conservancy of Southern Chester County. This interview originally aired August 29, 2016 on WCHE1520AM’s Libby’s Luncheonette.